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Feminism in the art of women artists born after 1970


The problem of women's status in society is still valid. In many countries there is still a lot to improve on. Feminist art showed up in a radical way in the 70's in Western Europe and the USA. It undertook problems that are still valid till today. Even if the law guarantees equality of men and women, we still cope with cultural customs that deny it. Depending on the country, women status is different, and what is reflected in the art of women differs also. We would like to check, how forms of feminist art evolve based on the examples of works of subsequent generations of women artists. Which topics are still of current interest, which ceased to be so? Have new questions arisen? What strategies are contemporary women artists appliying?

Collected material together with the texts of scholars who deal with the subject is going to be published separately.

If you would like to include your works in the research and to present your works in the feminist art gallery on our web site, please send a message to: anka@lejart.eu with: Feminism - research as e-mail subject.

Please attach:
- 3 reproductions of your 3 various works, 300 dpi resolution, (15 cm / 6" base if possible)
- make "Feminism" an e-mail subject
- work description (not longer than 2800 characters, A4 page)
- artist CV with a country of residence
- in the e-mail please add the sentence:

I agree to the distribution of information in regard to my works sent, for educational and scholarly aims, to the publication of reproductions of my works in the publications of Stowarzyszenie Sztuka i Dokumentacja (Art and Documentation Association) as well as being published in co-operation with the Association, free of charge."

You may also send proposals to the following project "Sex". They don't need to be the same works.

Feminism in the art of women artists born after 1970 - ANSWERS

Biljana Bosnjakovic
Colectivo Madre Arana
Andrea Cooper
Iwona Demko
Line Skywalker Karlstrom
Katarzyna Majak
Sandrine Schaefer